02 November, 2012

Out of The Can: Hormel Black Label Canned Ham

Dat Ham

Canned hams have a terrible reputation, and if you've ever had a bite of a really cheap and nasty slice of canned ham, you'd feel that the reputation is actually too kind. I know because I've had some totally unpleasant canned hams.

And now, you're looking at that picture above or a Hormel Black Label canned ham and thinking to yourself, "What a nasty-looking chunk of pink meat." You might even be inspired to try vegetarianism, thanks to that photo.

Well, I have got news for you, my friend. Hormel's Black Label canned ham is surprisingly good - I might even say very good. I prepared it just as described on the label and although it still wasn't much to look at when it came out of the oven, it sliced beautifully. If you've ever had a really expensive deli ham - say, a Boar's Head or Krakus ham - you'll know what to expect from the Black Label. It was firm and delicious, and quite similar to a traditional cured pig laig.

Kudos, then, to Hormel. Finally, I get to review a canned meat that is worthy enough to be actually eaten rather than enter long-term storage in a bomb/zombie apocalypse shelter as a survival food of last resort. We had the ham with peas and scalloped potatoes and it was a great family meal.



Frank's Trailer Works said...

Dave, I generally believe your reviews, but without an "AFTER" I am just not believing this one. Sorry, you must have taken some payolla to post that favorable review!

Dave said...

No payola involved, dude. I've had some really nasty canned hams in the past, but this Hormel ham wasn't one of them.

GCOHguy said...

Funny, brings Holiday memories from days gone by, My Dad always gave canned Hams, only to his very best friends......He considered them to be the finest of gifts.

T said...

I have (not recently) seen canned Black Labels without the pull tab; they say no refrigeration required. This one with the pull tab says to refrigerate before and after opening. Yet the Hormel website says that all canned items are shelf-stable.

Any insight here?

Sheila Siler said...

I love fixing Hormel Black Label Hams - I have one in the refrigerator right now waiting to be fixed. I generally fix it by slicing it and layering brown sugar and pineapple slices with it in a crock pot and letting it cook for a few hours.

Pam Tomson said...

Dear T,
I recently purchased the black label ham, it was bought from a refrigerated case. I was thinking that it shouldn't have to be refrigerated cuz it's a canned ham.... but it isn't. I was looking for something on the package to tell me if I needed to refrigerate it, but it said nothing, and then I noticed that the back of the container is black plastic instead of metal, so I doubt that it would last on a shelf at all. I will be storing mine in the frig. I think the exp. date that is almost 2 years away is what was throwing us off.

Pam Tomson said...

Has to be refrigerated due to the fact it comes in a plastic container with a metal lid. The exp. date that is almost two years away threw me off too. I guess it lasts a long time, but I am thinking that is only if you keep it in the refrigerator.

Miss Bacchus said...

Sorry, never been a fan of canned hams!

Tom Michael said...

I have been baking Black label hams for Easter and special occasions for a few years now. They are the best tasting hams that I have ever had. No waste and reasonably priced.

Tom Michael said...

I have been baking Black label hams for Easter and special occasions for a few years now. They are the best tasting hams that I have ever had. No waste and reasonably priced.

Fletcher Gensamer said...

I can confirm this review is right on.

I made a Hormel Black Label Ham 3 lbs for Christmas Dinner tonight.

Cooked exactly as directed. Was not dry, sliced easily, and tasted surprisingly great.

And I got it on sale, so was very happy with my choice.

You can view a picture of it here.

I would recommend and will use again for holidays.

Fletcher G, Jersey City, NJ.

Pam Ravenel said...

Believe it or not, I actually fry this ham up after I slice it. You can even have the butcher slice it for you! My four children and my husband love it!!

discohill said...

If you have ever tasted a Polish or Black Forest ham you will never eat a canned ham again!